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These marketing and advertising agencies typically provide print, media, radio, direct mail, billboard, brand management, press releases, and other forms of traditional marketing.

These conventional marketing firms in Lewisburg are experiencing an era of higher costs per customer acquisition, and with the increased importance of the Internet, they are experiencing a diminished role. So if you’re looking for marketing services in the city, you’re probably looking for something that goes beyond traditional. You’re looking for the future methods that will truly drive sales and keep your company current and present online.

If you’d like to speak to an Internet marketing specialist in person, you can reach us at 570-516-5766.

The future of marketing in Lewisburg

The emerging medium for marketing in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania is Internet marketing. Internet marketing is a sector of high growth in Lewisburg. Only a few companies have been able to successfully establish themselves as true Internet marketing consultants and experts in Lewisburg.

Internet marketing provides the best of all marketing mediums for advertisers since its results are quantifiable, and return on investment is easily established. Websites, ecommerce stores, Internet newsletters, PPC marketingInternet press releasesSEO, and website call tracking, are just a few of Internet marketing tools and methods that can deliver outstanding rates of return—unlike traditional print advertising or commercials.

If your firm has an interest in capturing new markets and driving revenue utilizing the Internet, Hampton Consulting is your partner of choice. Our marketing services in Lewisburg are affordable, up-to-date, and provided by a team of experts with years of experience in this industry. We’re proud to be driving the future of marketing in Lewisburg.

A marketing company located in downtown Lewisburg

Hampton Consulting is located right in the heart of Lewisburg, PA. Our local presence means that we’re available for in-person meetings, events, or on-site visits. It means we’re in the same time zone as you, so you won’t have to do any mental mathematics to figure out when it’s “safe” to call us. And it means that we love this city the same way you do!

If you’re thinking about choosing us as your marketing company, or are considering other marketing companies in Lewisburg, we welcome you to come visit us in person.

The Hampton Consulting difference: a wide range of services under one roof

When you’re looking for one of the best digital marketing companies in the USA, you might have trouble finding one that offers everything you need. Who wants to work with one company for SEO, another for social media, and then yet another for copywriting? Hampton Consulting offers all these services (and many more), meaning you can rely on us for all your marketing needs—not just some of them!

Our varied services and expert team don’t make us unaffordable, though. Hampton Consulting works with a variety of clients, whether they’re small, large, or somewhere in between. We pride ourselves on being an affordable “one-stop shop” for Internet marketing services in central Pennsylvania. So whether you need a website redesign, search engine optimization services, PPC optimization, or content marketing services, we can help—and we can customize every package to fit your unique budget and needs.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Digital Agency

Most marketing and advertising agencies rely on decades-old formulas where they simply swap out businesses and logos and collect their fees. We believe in strategic marketing with purpose. Where the outcome is sector leadership.

Social Media​​

With a custom social media marketing service plan, your business can start building brand awareness, as well as generating revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

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f you’re looking for serious business growth, SEO, or search engine optimization is the strategy for you. Why does it work? Simple! It targets the users that are most likely to convert on your website, and takes them there.

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Hampton Consulting is a leading PPC agency that focuses on your success as a whole. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, our tech-enabled PPC management services can help you reach your goals.

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Online Reputation Mgmt

If you are a victim of internet defamation or slander, video or blog post that can remain online forever and damage your personal life or business. It is online terrorism. But you can fight back!

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Web Design​

A website is more than just the putting together of a few static pages of information about the business in question. The simple idea of a website has now been outdated and transformed by the evolution of the internet.

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Content Marketing​

You need content that speaks directly to your client’s needs and wants. With a focus on written content such as blog posts, service pages, taglines, and third-party guest posts, and caters to your customer’s needs and tells a story.

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