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During the Prohibition period in the United States, under the 18th Amendment, Pottsville Pa’s very own Yuengling stopped making beer and moved to production of “near beer“. The three brews produced in this time were the Yuengling Special (the most popular brand), Yuengling Por-Tor (a version of their “celebrated Pottsville Porter”), and finally, the Yuengling Juvo, which was a cereal beverage. Then-owner Frank Yuengling also opened the Yuengling Dairy, which produced ice cream and other dairy products for the local area. These ventures helped to keep the company afloat during that period.

When the 18th Amendment was repealed, Yuengling stopped production of “near beer” and resumed making alcoholic beverages. The brewery famously sent a truckload of its Winner Beer to the White House in 1933 as thanks to President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the repeal of Prohibition. Yuengling still continues its family-owned business today. It is the second largest American-owned brewery, after the Boston Beer Company, producer of Samuel Adams beer. The Yuengling Dairy was operated by a different branch of the family from the Brewery. Business declined and the dairy folded as of 1985. Attempted buyouts by large conglomerate breweries have all been unsuccessful.

Pottsville Pa

The Patterson Building served as the Pottsville Area High School from 1916 to 1933[4]

Pottsville Pa was chartered as a third-class city on March 22, 1911.

Pottsville Pa was host to a National Football League franchise from 1925-1928. The Pottsville Maroons played in Sportsman’s Park (or Minersville Park) in nearby Minersville, now the site of King’s Village shopping plaza. The Maroons posted some of the best records in the NFL during the 1925 and 1926 seasons. The Maroons had a claim to the 1925 NFL championship, but because of a controversial decision by NFL President Joe Carr, the title was instead awarded to the Chicago Cardinals. The Maroons suffered two more losing seasons before relocating to Boston and becoming the Boston Bulldogs. The Bulldogs folded in 1929.

Until the middle of the 20th century, Pottsville was a popular destination for many traveling acts and vaudeville performers. The 1929 film Berth Marks stars the comedy legends Laurel and Hardy as they attempt to reach Pottsville by train for one of their booked performances. Pearl Bailey had once resided in Pottsville during the early part of her entertaining career.[citation needed] Soldiers in training at nearby Fort Indiantown Gap were prohibited from visiting Pottsville during most of World War II due to the large amounts of illicit venues and activities present during the time.[citation needed]

In August 1997, the Pottsville Railway Park Little League all star team participated in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, representing the U.S. East Region. In the World Series, they defeated Dyer, Indiana 1-0 in an extra inning game. The following evening they played and lost to Bradenton, Florida at Lamade Stadium before an estimated 35,00 fans, the largest crowd ever to watch a non-championship game[citation needed] The team played their final game against Mission Viejo, California, losing 3-1 and finished one game shy of the United States Championship Game.