What is Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics?

If you are an online entrepreneur, Google analytics is a must for you. If you are the one who is running an online business or a knowledge based website and you do not know about the importance of the Google analytics, you are making a mistake. An online presence specialist will suggest you to learn about Google Analytics as soon as possible. This wonderful and absolutely free tool helps you judge and examine the popularity of your website. It presents simple facts and figures, works along with search engine optimization and helps you build an effective social media marketing strategy. Let us have a look at how you can use this free tool and gauge your performance.

Engagement Rate:

If you own a website, it is a news for you to learn the number of people who visited your website on a certain date, however, the big news is to learn about the time which visitors spent on your website. User engagement is one of the biggest factors which play important role in the success of a website. Google analytics engagement tool lets you know about the time a person spends on your website. Thus, you may make a better social media marketing.

Bounce Rate:

It makes sense if a person comes to your website, visits a few pages and then leaves, but what about a person who comes into your site and then stays inactive for around 30 minutes? What about a person who visits your website and disappears without going to any other website? Such an entry is known as bounce, and Google analytics help you know the bounce rate for first time visitors as well as regular visitors of your website.

Tracking an Event:

An online business is a complete shebang and it is just as practical as an offline business. There are many events on your website which your online presence specialist will recommend to monitor. Just like an offline business owner, the owner of a website has to keep a record of all types of visitors. This includes window shoppers as well as buyers. For example, if your website offers some eBooks, you may use Google analytics to track the number of downloads through Events.

Using Filters:

A very important feature of the Google Analytics, which your online presence specialist or social media marketing strategist should mention, is the filters. If you want to spot on a certain type of traffic and maintain reports on base of that certain criteria, you may use the filters accordingly. For example, if you want your reports to omit the traffic from your own country, you can use the filters to do so.

Search engine optimization has earned notoriety among the people associated with an online business. However, it is surprising that the majority of bloggers and website owners are not aware of the importance of the Google Analytics. While some of them have not even heard the name, the remainder of this majority know only a little about the features and functions of Google Analytics. Yet, if you want any success in your online business, Google Analytics is inevitable.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of What is Google Analytics.